Udayana University Provides Assistance to Students amid Covid-19 Pandemic  

Jimbaran - Unud Rector Prof. A.A Raka Sudewi was accompanied by the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Prof. I Made Sudarma, Deputy Chancellor for Planning, Collaboration and Information who is also the Chairperson of the Unud Co-19 Task Force, Prof. IB Wyasa Putra, Head of BKM, BPU and the Disaster Mitigation Team as well as the Financial Section handed over aid to students in the Dormitory and Rusunawa Unud who were still in Bali, Tuesday (4/21/2020). Also present in the delivery of the assistance were representatives of Udayana University BEM.

Unud Rector Prof. A.A Raka Sudewi said that in addition to handing over aid to students, the team came to Rusunawa Unud to ensure the condition of the residents. Previously, the Task Force Chief and Deputy Chancellor for Student Affairs had also been assigned to monitor the condition and situation of the dormitory / flat in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic. The results of the monitoring have been conveyed at the Udayana University Leadership Meeting and have been agreed to help students, and as a form of concern for students in addition to providing assistance also provided internet quota and also Direct Cash Assistance (BLT). For the initial stage, the target recipients of BLT were students who lived in the dormitory / flat which were still in Bali, amounting to 80 people. Furthermore, it will be data on UKT 1 students who are still in Bali to get similar assistance. The amount of assistance provided refers to the existing mechanism and budget availability.

The assistance provided is expected to be used as well as possible to support daily needs during the pandemic and is only given once, given the available budget. The Chancellor also hopes that students always maintain good health and study in the midst of this epidemic. As an academic and young generation, students are also required to participate in supporting efforts to accelerate the prevention and spread of Covid-19 by implementing social distancing, wearing masks, do not panic and also to share with colleagues and family about the efforts that must be carried out according to government recommendations. If you have complaints or problems that should be conveyed through the media that has been provided.

On this occasion a dialogue was also held between the Leaders of Udayana University and the BEM Representatives present. BEM University has conducted a survey of approximately 800 students through Google Form to absorb the aspirations and find out the condition of fellow students during this pandemic. BEM Representatives also gave appreciation to the University Leaders who had facilitated the aspirations conveyed through the provision of internet quota assistance and BLT and it was hoped that this BLT grant could be expanded to remember that now many parents of students who had been laid off or lost their livelihoods.

The Chancellor also appreciated the BEM who had participated in a survey to obtain data on the situation of Udayana students and requested the data obtained to be submitted through the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs because it could be one of the considerations for University Leaders in making policies. -19. Follow the Government's recommendations. Do social distancing, use a mask when leaving the house, diligently wash your hands after the move and reduce travel activities if it is not too important.