Today is the FEB Unim Rapim first online  

Tuesday, April 21, 2020 A FEB Unim Rapim was held which was held online for the first time.

The meeting was attended by the leadership of the Faculties including Deans, Vice Deans, Koprodi, Counits, Chairmen of the International Program, Head of Administration, Head of Subdivision.

This report card discusses:

1. Monitoring and evaluation of learning, as well as seminars and examinations in the FEB environment

2. FEB 2020 curriculum

3. Re-accreditation of 4 study programs in FEB

4. Socialization of Pertor 1/2020

5. etc.

Expectations: I hope that the targets set can be achieved, all leaders in the faculties are always given health, and are able to run programs and execute planned budgets.