Rules of Conduct Seminar Webinar Development Study Program FEB UNUD   University General

   Rules of Conduct Seminar Webinar Development Study Program FEB UNUD

• Wear neat and polite clothes.

• Choose a location with a representative background (not in bed, kitchen, or toilet).

• Required to use mute microphone mode and off video mode if the exposure is in progress and there are no discussion sessions.

• Conduct a meeting meeting 15 minutes before the meeting. The room will be locked (lock room system) at 10:10.

• To reduce noise, please use a headset.

• Please do not ask direct questions without permission and appointment from the moderator.

• Participants can ask questions by writing their identity and questions in the chat feature. The questioner will be timed by the moderator.

• Participants who did not get the opportunity to ask directly, the question in question will be summarized and submitted by the moderator.

• Please use on video mode if given a chance by the moderator to ask questions directly. • If you want to communicate with other participants, you can use the persoanal chat feature.

• If you want to leave the room, you can notify the host by chatting in the chat field.

• If participants repeatedly turn on the microphone or are unable to control the incoming sound, participants will be moved to the lobby (move to lobby) until the mircrophone problem can be resolved.

• Participants who leave the meeting room after the lock system are not allowed to return to the webinar.