FEB Submits Assistance To RSPTN Unud  

The Dean of FEB UNUD, Agoes Ganesha Rahyuda, SE, MT, PhD, was accompanied by Deputy Dean II, Deputy Dean III and the Head of TU Section and their staff the opportunity to visit the RSPTN of Udayana University in Bukit Jimbaran, Monday (04/13/2020)

The Dean Visit was received directly by the Director of RSUD UNUD, Dr. dr. Dewa Putu Gde Purwa Samatra, Sp.S (K). The visit was also used by the Dean to deliver aid from the FEB Unud Academic Community in the form of several medical operational support tools such as face shields, gloves, garbage bags, nutritional intake, as well as a number of other vitamins and consumption. The Dean also submitted a donation from the FEB academic community in the amount of Rp. 25,000,000 to the Unud COVID-19 Task Force.

FEB has also ordered as many as 100 APD Hazmat and Shoe Cover to be proposed for delivery.